E-mail:  Brock@titancrossfit.com

10821 unit 4

Williamson Lane

Cockeysville, MD  21030

About Us

Titan CrossFit is a private gym located in Cockeysville, Maryland that focuses on bringing the highest quality of strength and conditioning training to the general public as well as the serious athlete. Our sole focus is maximizing your progress and providing you with life-changing results. Our CrossFit gym places a priority on top-quality coaching that is only offered at the best of facilities. While you are training with us, you will have the opportunity to work hands-on with one or more of our coaches which will help to maximize your progress and greatly limit the likelihood of injury.


We deviate from the main stream fitness industry’s belief that you should own a gym membership but never actually use it; we deviate from the monotony of the treadmill and elliptical and from doing the same training split week after week. By providing you with a program that will have you participating in a myriad of different movements ranging from weightlifting to gymnastics; from running and rowing to tire flipping and rope climbs.  We help bring the results and fun back into your workouts.
One of the most important facets of our CrossFit gym’s culture is that we are more of a family than just a bunch of members and coaches. We work hard together, we struggle together, and we unwind and have fun together. We have social gatherings outside the box and frequent events inside the box like our annual Memorial and Labor Day workouts, Reindeer Games in-house competitions and much more.  Our CrossFit members can count on each other and our coaching staff for help inside and outside of the gym. We encourage sharing of accomplishments and achievements on the social media like Facebook or Instagram so that we might all share in the positive energy.