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Here at Titan CrossFit we don't just offer CrossFit!  We offer a wide range of classes, from CrossFit, Olympic lifting, to  Mobility.  Below you can find details about each class.  Come on in and join the fun!

*We are currently exploring the idea of adding some new classes.  You can contact us or check back here for more details

Mobility Classes

Mobility class is meant to teach you how to train your body to move the way it was meant to.  Mobility is not the same as flexibility or stretching, although both will give you clues to a body part’s level of mobility. Rather, mobility is how the body moves on a daily basis. Having good mobility means being able to walk, sit, run and move the way your body was intended to.  In class we will focus on the connectivity between muscle groups, joint capsules and the fascial system (the web of soft connective tissue that surrounds the muscles and joints, affecting movement and performance).  We will teach you how to assess and identify restrictions and then how to correct these issues utilizing tools for assist (balls, bars, rollers, bands, etc)


Although the class may look easy, it can be deceptively hard for some.  There are very strong and muscular athletes that can barely get through a class because they are myofascially restricted and tight.

The good news is that the body is dynamic and adaptable, so no matter your age or physical condition, you can improve your mobility.


Olympic Weightlifting Classes

The TITAN Barbell Club was established to create and develop the Olympic Weightlifting community in the Baltimore area.  Casual lifters, competing lifters, and those looking to develop their weightlifting skills, will benefit from our Oly classes.  We’re serious about our Weightlifting, and our partnership with USAW as a registered Weightlifting Club.