Covid Procedures

Front Desk Procedures:
Prior to every class, we will scan your temperature per health department recommendations. Please come to the front desk, sign in, have your temp taken, and then proceed into the gym. Temps of 100.3 and below will be good for fitness!

After Class:

• All used equipment is wiped down w/ Clear Gear by the athlete.

• Floors in workout stations are cleaned with a bleach solution after each class.

• Cleaning Cloths are washed at home after each use.


• Floors are cleaned with an industrial floor scrubber.

• High-touch surfaces, even those not in use during class, are wiped down.

• All equipment is sprayed down with Clear Gear.

• Bathrooms


• The gym as a WHOLE undergoes a full wipe down and clean on Thursdays.

COVID-19 Reporting:
Your heath and safety are our TOP priority. So far, we have not had any positive COVID-19 cases from members or staff. But that will surely change as we move forward through the summer and into the fall season.

In the event that a MEMBER or STAFF at Titan reports a positive test, the community will be notified immediately. The person will remain anonymous and will self-quarantine according to the CDC guidelines. That MEMBER or STAFF person may return to the gym in accordance with CDC guidance for discontinuation of isolation for persons with COVID-19.

When a positive test has been reported to us, the community will be notified, and the gym will close for a period of 24 hours. In that time, the gym will be disinfected in full as described in the above Cleaning section.

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