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Our Programming

We are trying to make our program straight forward, and make you excellent at exercise.  Every 4 to 16 weeks, we will be changing our specific goals to meet the needs of the members as a whole.  Keeping in mind what is best and benefitting everyone, each workout out is designed for the best athletes in the gym and then tailored further for the “advanced” and “baseline” athletes.

Most recently, we felt the specific goals for the gym needed to be on strength training - getting athletes stronger at squatting and deadlifting, etc - and vertical pulling to “get rid of those rings”. That is why we introduced sub-maximal training and result driven progress.


Wendler was used in the past, Juggernaut seemed to be the next best progression. Bench pressing makes are chest swole, push presses were put in place of to increase power output.


Gymnastics, the other focus, specifically vertical pulling, has been our other intended goal.  Many athletes want to get their kipping pull-ups, etc. Before kipping pull-ups, comes strict pull-ups and a strong core, hence the need for pull-up progressions, hollow holds, supermans, bridges, etc.

Our goals for Titan will always be to make our athletes better humans by trying to become more proficient at the following:

  • Strength

  • Weightlifting

  • Capacity

  • Gymnastics


Moving forward as Juggernaut comes to a close, we will be focusing on building unilateral strength and having some fun with our traditional weightlifting, and strength and conditioning - snatch, overhead squat, clean, push jerk, split jerk, snatch grip deadlift, etc.

During every week we tap into the top 4 of the 7 training zones - they often overlap.

7 Training Zones
  1. Power/alactic capacity (5-15sec of work) - 1 rep maxes, explosive power, etc.
    This is what increases your sprint speed and ability to tolerate repeated hard efforts

  2. Anaerobic capacity (30sec-2min of work) - Intervals & shorter metcons
    Improves anaerobic energy production, which improves resistance to short term fatigue

  3. VO2 max (3-8mins of work) - Also intervals, short metcons.
    Similar to Anaerobic Capacity, it develops cardiovascular system and improves anaerobic energy production to improve resistance to short term fatigue

  4. Lactate threshold/lactic capacity (10-60mins of work) - Longer metcons
    Promotes change of some fast twitch muscle fibers to slow twitch and improves sustainable pace

  5. Tempo (60+mins of work) - Hiking
    Improves efficiency and oxygen use to produce power, which means more power with similar effort

  6. Endurance/aerobic threshold (60+mins of work) - Steady state cardio, anything other than sitting or laying down
    Improves ability to use fat as fuel source, conditions muscles, tendons, ligaments, and nerves

  7. Recovery/active recovery (70-80 years) - mobilization, sleeping
    This increases blood flow and promotes recovery and your training response